Shop bonanza!

I promised you all that I'd be doing a big shop update and I've been working hard at filling it up! I've gotten a whole bunch of goodies listed so go check it out!

And before you think that maybe I'm some kind of superwoman and made tons of bags in a ridiculously short amount of time, I must confess that these have all been either living in a big box here or at my parents' house for a while now. I attempted to list some of them months ago but needed to really develop my brand more before trying again. I think that I've really connected to a lot of awesome people and groups through the sewing/quilting communities and now am going to break out all my handmade goodies again. Not to mention, make some new ones. Check out this yummy bunch of fabrics, all decorator weight, just begging to be made into bags:Here's the deal: I'm so excited to finally be working in a job that allows me to use all my skills and knowledge from graduate school but am a little nervous about the transition (moving, full work days, etc.) sooo not only do I want to get this stuff out because 1) the warming weather is perfect for cotton bags and 2) I need all the space I can get (and have fewer boxes to pack!) but 3) I also need some serious funds for moving! So help support this little peacemaker and buy some awesome handmade goodies. :)

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