I will be leaving NYC one week from tomorrow. Fortunately, I'll be back soon - and often, as my sweetie will be staying here in our apartment, at least for a little while. Also, my sister will be moving here in July!

Anyway, there's a bunch of things I have planned - crafty and not - for my last week here. The weather has finally turned to spring (almost summerlike, actually!) so all the more reason to get out and take advantage of the city.

Firstly, I decided that it was a little ambitious (and frankly unnecessary) to make another quilt to use on my bed in DC since I already have one that will be perfect. While I've been having a good time working on a new quilt top, it's big and involved and I'm thinking that I don't want to rush it. And frankly, don't want to be glued to the sewing machine my last week in the city. Don't get me wrong, of course I love it but I'm worried that's all I would be doing which is silly. I would love to try my hand at sewing a skirt or simple dress as I already have some fabric and patterns but I'm thinking that's also a big undertaking. I think I'll just continue to work on the never-ending stack of WIPs that I already have in my fabric cabinet. I'm not bringing my sewing machine to DC right away but I may bring some embroidery and/or knitting. We'll see...

Other things on the agenda: dog park (as many days as possible since this is Louie's last week here too!); manicure/pedicure; dinner at our favorite neighborhood spot; stocking up on some NYC faves (Zabar's coffee); and a number of get-together dates with friends. It's hard to believe that I'm almost leaving - I feel like I just got the offer! These 6 weeks have flown by...

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  1. I hope you enjoy your week! I'm not trying to play devil's advocate by saying this, but if you're interested in sewing up a skirt, I know you could make one in one afternoon. A simple a-line skirt (like the AB Barcelona pattern perhaps?) comes together really quickly.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great and fun time before your move! I'm glad your honey won't be too far away from you, and hopefully not for too long!


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