So I started another quilt. I know, I know. How many projects can one person undertake at once? I felt inspired. It happens. Maybe it's because I've been reading Patti Smith's book and it's filled with creative juiciness. She writes beautifully! Not to mention I love reading about NYC back in the day. She still lives here apparently. I bet if I hung out at the Strand or MoMA, I'd spot her - $10 says she lives down there.

Anyway, this new quilt top is awesome and huge. Well, it's not huge yet but it will be. Current calculations put it at about 90" square. I know, I'm crazy. But I have so many awesome fabrics that I wanted to use, and after the huge success of my last big quilt, I can't imagine making another small one right now. I'm also thinking that if I really keep it moving, it'll be done before I leave for DC and I can use it on my bed (I think that I'm almost set for housing - it's with a friend which is nice and super cheap but I'll have to get a twin bed. Good thing I'm little!). The only problem will be backing. I'd really like to not purchase any but I'm not sure I have the patience (or the right fabrics) for the back. Anyone want to give away some fabric? Preferably just big pieces of solids or really modern prints? Figured I'd throw it out there... I'm too lazy right to take pictures but I'll get around to it. It's using mostly Habitat and Innocent Crush fabrics in various sized squares. Yum!

Anyway, I have exactly 10 work shifts left (hurrah!) and about 3 weeks (I think...still finalizing the travel plans) left in NYC. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm really looking forward to this job but it's a huge life change - back to DC when I thought I'd be here in NYC for a while, starting without my sweetie after living together for a year and a half, and so many other little things. But I know it will all be OK eventually. If there's one thing I've learned this past year and half, it's patience.

It will probably be quieter around these parts once I move. If I move into the room I think that I'm moving into, I won't be taking my sewing machine, at least initially. Since *my* space will be small (and temporary) I won't really have room for it and all the associated items. I'm actually OK with that as I know it'll only be a quick bus ride away here in NYC. I plan on taking some embroidery stuff with me and armed with my Kindle, I'll have plenty of non-work related ways to relax. I know that the first few weeks will mostly consist of work, eat, sleep as I get used to a new job, life back in DC, etc. so I know I'll be OK. Not to mention, I have lots of people to catch up with, new restaurants to try, fabric stores to scope out...

It's my sweetie's birthday on Sunday and we're heading to one of our favorite bar-b-que places (there's one back where we grew up too) for dinner.

Have a great, fun, creative weekend everyone!

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  1. girl, i can totally hook you up with some backing fabrics (solids and prints!)!


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