Mid-week musings

It's a rainy, spring day here in NYC (as I assume it is in many parts of the Northern hemisphere) and I'm happy to be home from a morning at work, just now lounging around. As I get closer to my departure date, I'm taking care of little things here and there: clothes sorting (which I try to do every season anyway), file clearing (always feels so good), and all the other associated tasks that come with relocating. Fortunately, I've lived in DC before (for grad school) so it's not unfamiliar territory though working there will certainly be different than student life. Also, I was lucky enough to avoid DC summers so I'm certainly trying to brace myself for the insane humidity that blankets the area - and working on keeping a light wardrobe!

As I will be going and my sweetie will not be, Louie will be heading Upstate to hang out with Winston and with his grandparents for a bit while I settle in. The next few weeks will be quite hectic as I leave NYC (with Louie), head to Atlanta (for my sister's college graduation), and then back Upstate for a few days THEN down to DC. Phew, makes me tired just thinking about it. I just found out that I still have one little stubborn kidney stone hanging out in my right kidney so I want to be extra mindful of managing my stress, anxiety and diet as the more those all spiral out of control, the higher the chance is for the stone to try to pass. Ugh, trying not to think about. (Sorry if all that was TMI - here's my post from the original ordeal a few months back.)

In between all my tasks, I'm enjoying dreaming of a few new things for a new space. And this doesn't even include any of the many Etsy things I'm lusting after.

(Click on each picture to be taken to the source.)

And not to mention, some new fabric from my favorite designer! Certainly saving up for a FQ bundle of the new collection falls within StashPact11 since she's my all time fave.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. oh, yes. i'm abandoning stashpact for that new AMH line. gorgeous sneak peeks. i'm sold.


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