Before the day begins...

...I just wanted to show you what I finished last night! Here is Greta's block for Bee-Stitched.

I LOVE it. Seriously. It looks like it was a lot of complicated work but honestly, it wasn't! And trust me because I'm new at this. I'm seriously considering this for one of my other bees. It's definitely something that would take a long time to make by myself and it would be fun to have blocks from bee buddies that included bits from their stashes.

On another note, look at my boys asleep together last night!

So innocent...

I'm off to tackle my to-do list. Unfortunately, crafty stuff will have to wait until this afternoon. It's a gross, rainy day here in NYC. Hopefully that means I'll be productive (ha, yeah right...).

Happy Friday!


  1. ooh I really like this. I think you should do it for our bee!

  2. Your block looks awesome, I have to start mine! I am a little worried about it, but i loooove the look of it!


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