Take a deep breath

It definitely feels like spring today here in NYC. The past few days have been positively lovely - sun shining, warmish temps, low wind... New Yorkers are out in full force - I couldn't believe how packed the park was today!

We don't typically get much of a spring up here (read: usually goes straight from cold to hot) but it really feels like winter is on the way out. Something about spring makes you want to start fresh, you know?

So it being Monday and all, I decided to embrace the start fresh attitude and attacked my to-do list, including a number of phone calls I've been putting off (ugh, being a grown up sucks sometimes). Feeling good after checking off my list, I went for a run. Over the course of last summer and into the fall, I had gotten into a steady routine of running at least 3 times a week. I was up to 3 miles in the fall and then when all the craziness of moving happened, I sort of fell off the wagon. But now I'm back! I took it easy today, only running 1 mile and was so surprised how good it felt (I was so worried it'd be a BIG struggle). I'm so lucky to live half a block from a park and be able to enjoy the scenery. I know I'll probably be a little sore but you gotta admit, it feels good.

Crafty news update: received fabrics from 2 out of my 3 virtual quilting bees. Sooo excited! Rachel wants us to make ticker tape blocks and Greta is looking for blocks like this (I was a little intimidated but once you break it down, it's not that bad). They both send bundles of beautiful, bright fabrics. It seems spring is everywhere!

I'm off to enjoy the breeze through the open window for a bit longer (before it actually gets chilly) and feed the dog, who keeps poking me with his nose. How does he know it's dinner time?!

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