Have you ever tried to be crafty when you're frustrated? Bad idea.

Yesterday I was just having "a day." We've all been there - silly frustrations and general distractedness (word? eh). Anyhoo, I like to quilt/sew/etc. to ease my tension level but yesterday it was just too much and totally bit me in the ass. I ended up sewing pieces wrong side to right side, measuring incorrectly, etc. I mumbled and snapped at myself the whole time until I just I had to step away (not to mention the dog was giving me funny looks). I'm new at the whole running thing but just HAD to put on my sneakers and head down to the park. Thankfully, all it took was a mile to clear my head.

Will have to fix those mistakes later. Oh well. At least it's Friday!


  1. I totally know how you feel, the last quilt I did was like that! I really had to sit down and make myself finish it because it seemed like everytime I sat down to do something with it another thing went wrong.

  2. You need a scrappy, string quilt project for days like that.

    You can google "string quilt" images, or maybe take a peek at this blog:


    Hope today is going better for you.


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