A good start

I woke up in a good mood this morning. I think mostly because it's Friday! My sweetie and I don't have any specific plans for the weekend but he doesn't have any work lined up so that's good. It's supposed to warm up here a bit which means a trip to the dog park is probably on the agenda (Louie is wagging his tail as we speak). What are your weekend plans?

I'm not sure how it got to be March already! That means we've been here in the Big Apple for over 3 months. It feels both way shorter and way longer than that (funny how that happens, huh?).

I may be going into work this evening (on call) so I don't want to make the day TOO busy. I do plan to do some crafting this afternoon.

In light of the economic times (ahem, my sad little bank account), I've been trying to be thrifty. I'm a total book-lover, the type who loves to OWN my books, but I've been so good lately and haven't bought anything in months. One of the many benefits of living in New York City is a fantastic public library system. This week I requested a whole bunch of books and they're slowly making their way to my local branch. Yesterday I got a copy of Sublime Stitching and after a quick trip to Michael's (embroidery has to be the cheapest hobby - spent only $5!) started to work on stitching. It's easy! I'm definitely going to keep this up and integrate into my quilts.

Speaking of quilts, I've been steadily making baby quilts to sell on Etsy. I know that there are many more experienced quilters out there but I like to think that I have good taste and a decent ability and people will want to buy my quilts! I'll post some pics later. So far I have two completed quilts, one quilt top, and one other top in the works (squares cut, ready to sew).

I've also decided to make my first quilt gift! I have a dear college friend getting married this summer...in Hawaii! Unfortunately, my sweetie and I won't be able to go - it's just too expensive - but we still wanted to give a meaningful wedding present. Will keep you updated on the progress (though maybe not too many details in case she reads this...)

And I still promise to post about my knitting. This week somehow got away from me.

Oh! And yay for a new month for quilting bees! Can't wait to get fabric in the mail!

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