Crafty goodness (and other nice things)

Being home with my folks is so nice. We're close - always have been - and it's just a very comforting place to be. Even if it's chilly (oh Upstate, NY).OF COURSE my mom and I have been fueling our fabric/quilting/crafting obsessions. We've been planning projects, looking at her stash, ordering a few items (really, just a few, I swear!), etc. We have plans to go to a LQS and probably Joann's today (among other, non-quilting-related errands, of course).

By the way, thanks to these noisy ones, I'm up early. Oh well.My mom sent me a bundle of Laura Gunn FQ from her new line (I love everything she does) and I'm turning them into this quilt. They're all cut up and ready for piecing. My machine is back in my apartment and even though I could use my mom's, I'll probably just wait.

My mom also bought me the original fabrics that Elizabeth used for that quilt (they were featured on Fabricworm as a bundle). So another New Wave quilt is in the works...

She also got me this:

She also has a selection of rotary cutters in different sizes. I've found it's so much easier to use the smaller ones! Will have to save up and get some for myself. Do you use smaller sizes?

Finally, I got my hair done (touched up the color and had it blown out) yesterday. Ahh, feels so good.And yes, those are flying pigs on my pajamas. :)

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see how your New Wave quilt turns out. I have the tutorial downloaded and a stack of fabric I want to use for it. Now if I could just find the time...

  2. Happy sewing! Your quilts are going to be lovely!

  3. Love the new wave with laura gunn poppy~! can't wait to see it.


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