ISO (in search of)

I'm not really the kind of person who feels like they always have to have a complete fabric line. However, a while back I got a bunch of Denyse Schmdit's "Katie Jump Rope" line and find that I like it more and more (it's a little "country" looking but for some reason I'm just drawn to it!).

So now I'm on the hunt to complete the line. This is hard because it's discontinued. I fear that it will become like all the other hard-to-find fabrics out there ("Flea Market Fancy" and anything by Heather Ross).
I've found a bunch of websites and Etsy sellers that have some of this but I'd be interested in swapping (so economical!). I'm going to post some pictures later today of fabrics I'd like to swap so check my Flickr later (and the swap group) if you're interested.
Do you have any of these prints???


  1. I've got some of the basket weave in brown, aqua and orange. I need some of each for a quilt, but I'll likely have 1/2 yard to a FQ left of each to swap in the next month or so. I'm teaginny on flickr.

  2. I will check the fabric store. We did have some of the browns with colored squares and the red flower one, but I'm not sure if it got donated to Haiti or not. Did you want some of the yellow blossom ribbon, you don't have it pictured, but I know we have some it. We also have some of the blue piece that has white flowers and green and orange leaves on it. Just let me know, I will get it and swap with you.

    I like the Amy Butler home decor fabric you have available for swap, and I can definitely get some Laura Gunn poppy when it comes in.

    If you are Facebook you can search for me there and look at my "Pretty Fabrics and Things" folder for fabrics I personally have available for trade. Also if you find SewFlakes I've uploaded pictures of fabrics that are coming in and some that we already have in the shop.

    darlingchatterbox@ymail.com (the easiest way to search for me)


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