Friday fun

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have exciting weekend plans. Mine include park time with my sweetie and the dog, Purl's big Customer Appreciation Day, and hopefully some other fun things.

Speaking of fun, John is having the most amazing giveaway on his blog, celebrating his 2 year bloggy anniversary! Many of us from the crafting community have joined in the celebration and offered up some goodies to win. I've donated this big bundle of scraps (including some AMH, Joel Dewberry and yep, a little scrap of Flea Market Fancy!)
Good luck!


  1. Saw your bundle on John's giveaway! Hope it brings you lots of new blog "friends".

  2. what a scrummy bundle of ORT !
    ( learnt taht new word yesterday..means scraps or leftovers! makes it sound so intriguing..."would you like to see my stash of Ort ?? HaHA !)

    x PJ x


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