My neck of the woods

The quilting/sewing/knitting world is buzzing about the grand (re)opening of Purl's new shop tomorrow. I myself have been a Purl fan for years, even before I lived here. I plan on going this weekend, though I don't actually have any cash to burn (I know, so masochistic, right?) but would allow myself to buy a charm pack or something small. Then, hopefully, I can reserve just a little bit more and go back NEXT weekend for the customer appreciation day! Woohoo!

Speaking of...I know a lot of you are planning the same thing. Please let me know if you're going to be there too - I would love to actually meet many of you in person, now that we seem to be acquainted in the blogosphere.

Off to take care of some real life stuff, then hopefully back to show you what I've been working on (hint: it includes pink and even my sweetie approves!)...


  1. I think that is a fabulous idea! I will be there next next Saturday so if you want to meet up, I would love it!

  2. Have a lovely time. I only wish I was going to be there too.

  3. On another website you were wondering about the software used to create designs and print on fabric that was used on PR. I believe it's called "QImage". Google it. The digital printing group on Yahoo disclosed it.


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