Yesterday I sold a quilt! This lovely one is off to it's new home in England.

:) :) :)

Sooooo excited! Especially since it was the one I had reservations about, design-wise.

In other news...

My sweetie has been working like a dog this week on a big case. We're talking super-late nights. Poor buddy. I don't think the dog remembers him (just kidding, honey!).

My little sis has secured an apartment for this summer here! She'll be working downtown and living in Alphabet City with a high school friend of hers. Far from me but much closer than here.

This weekend is Purl's big Customer Appreciation Day. I'm really psyched to see their new shop - the pictures look gorgeous! I'm getting paid tomorrow (YAY) and in combo with selling a quilt, I'm allowing myself a (very tiny) budget to buy a few things. AND, Leanne will be here and we're tying to meet face to face.

Have a good day everyone - the week is half over!


  1. Congrats on your sale; that's great!

  2. That is really neat! How exciting! It's a very cute quilt!

  3. Ruth - I didn't know that Purl sold Liberty of London fabrics - just found out while reading their latest blog post. Not usually a huge fan but that may all change when I see it for reals. This could be fun! I'll have my Blackberry so if you want to email at my gmail account to make plans.

    PS - Congrats on the sale - your quilts are so lovely. Really.

    PPS - I know all about late nights on big cases (two lawyers here).


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