Woohoo, things sure are busy around here! After a wonderful (but too short) weekend with my folks, I came back and am now on a full-time schedule at work. As many of you know, I'm currently working retail while I continue to search/apply/interview for full-time jobs where I can use my master's degree. This retail job is surprisingly pleasant. Right now, I'm part of the staff that's opening a new store so because there's so much work to be done, I'm able to pick up more hours. This is great (financially) but I'm completely exhausted! In addition to the fact that I'm not used to working full-time in general, we've been doing almost all physical labor. I'm in pretty good shape but 8 hours of moving stuff, unpacking boxes, etc. leaves me totally BEAT at the end of the day. Needless to say, I haven't had the energy to do anything crafty - or much else for that matter. :)

However, I'm always thinking of projects, gathering supplies, etc. While I was at my parents' house, I pilfered a whole bunch of fabric from my mom (thanks, Mom!) and she was kind enough to pay for a few more goodies. Aren't moms the best?

I've also been getting a steady stream of library books. Mostly quilting/sewing but the occasional non-fiction book and even cookbooks (saw the one in this pic on someone else's blog and I'm such a sucker for desserts...).

Speaking of cooking, we went to a Passover seder on Monday night at my sweetie's friend's parents' house and the food was excellent! Smitten Kitchen has the yummiest looking recipe for brisket (made in a slow cooker - who knew?!) that I may have to try, even when it's not Passover (obviously, because who doesn't love brisket!)

So creativity is still happening, my friends! Not to mention, I mailed out my fabric today to all the ladies of Bee-Stitched! Can't wait to see the blocks they make.

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