Out of frustration

So I didn't get that job. Sigh.

I'm trying to stay positive. I've channeled the energy from frustration into other things...

Like hexagons (44 so far)...

And banana chocolate chip muffins (from this)...

and choosing fabrics for my month of Fresh Comfort 2 (based on this quilt)...

Life goes on.


  1. Sorry you didn't get the job...there'll be others out there...and in the meantime enjoy your distractions x

  2. sorry to hear about the job. chin up...keep stitching and have fun at Purl this weekend, id love to go with you!...too many miles seperating that trip though..

  3. Sorry to hear about your Job, hope you'll getter a better one soon.
    i am new here and came from quilt dad, here's wishing you to be rewarded for your generosity!

  4. I came here from John's blog and I wanted to connect you with this group:


    I used to live in NYC and was a part of this young quilter's group that met every few weeks. The people are all great. It looks like they aren't still active but you should flickrmail the girls if you want to meet up with them and/or make friends because it was so inspiring to hang out with young passionate professionals that quilt (and they let us use their Berninias for free!!)


Kind words, funny stories, and recipes are always welcome. :)