I finished sewing together each row of my hexagons. I ended up with 190! The scary thing is that I have tons more. I'm not sure what will ever happen with them... Anyway, now that all the rows are ready, I can sew them together. I've already sewn 3 and 1/2 rows and have realized this will be pretty slow going. That's OK, I'm actually enjoying it more than I expected.

I also started a new embroidery project. I may or may not end up giving it to a friend for a present.

I spent the morning doing some job stuff and going through clothes (ended up adding a bunch of things to the sell/donate pile!). This afternoon, I started working on my Spicing Up The Kitchen swap projects. I'm going to make 2 hot pads and either a mug rug or some napkins. I'll post some pictures of my progress soon. My partner has very specific taste (which isn't a bad thing!) so I've been very cautious in planning and working on her items. I hope that she'll like them!

On a whole other note, I finished a long-standing WIP and am thinking of selling it. I love it but am thinking that I'd really like to try listing it in my Etsy shop. So far, I've only had baby quilts up, so this would be the first larger quilt I'd sell. It's about 50" square and is a perfect lap quilt. I spent a fair amount of time on it and it's made from only Kaffe Fassett fabrics so it's worth a lot. For those of you who sell larger quilts, how do you decide to price your quilts? To be perfectly candid, I already have a number in my head but I'd like to hear from you before I go ahead with it. If you don't feel comfortable posting your info, you can always email me at rlevenkron@gmail.com. I'd appreciate any information! (And yes, I'll post some more pictures soon!)

Well, off to do some more sewing, walk Louie, and get everything ready to make potato soup.

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  1. Love your blog, with a special place in my heart for the Licking Machine. Thanks for posting your creative side.


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