For the children (in all of us)

President Obama's recent speech at the Tuscon memorial service made me think a lot about childhood dreams. Remember when we were young and hopeful? There is so much negativity around us today and so much that we experience that prevents us from even admitting, let alone achieving our dreams.

Me (Age 3 or so) and Grandpa Joe, who I know would be proud of me and all I've accomplished

Let us all work toward the beautiful, peaceful, hopeful, and positive dreams we had as children. For there will always be children around to remind of us that and force us to remember back when we were children and viewed the world with starry-eyed wonder...

Me (also 3ish? 4ish?) and my Grandma Florence, who was always filled with fun, warmth, and style


  1. I love the pictures. Cute! Beautiful sentiment, and yes; I need to reduce negativity in my daily life. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. those photos are seriously too cute!!!
    thanks for this post, lady <3


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