The hours are ticking down as I get closer and closer to turning 28! Eeek! It's been a great weekend so far. Last night my sweetie and I went to Braai where they had some service issues but more than made up for it with heaping free glasses of pinotage (my fave!). The ribs doused in rooibos/chocolate sauce were AAAAMAZING. Seriously. As always, our dinner made me miss SA like whoa. *Sigh* Can't wait to get back. Some day...

Today was spent doing fun things: sewing (placemats!), groceries, shopping (including a very hilarious conversation with an adorable 2-year old and his mom on the subway - he had awesome orange/blue sneakers - too cute!), mani/pedi (SO overdue), and lots of quality time with my boys.

Looking forward to a night in, with breakfast for dinner (mmm) and one more sleep til my birthday...

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

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  1. Enjoy your weekend! :) Have a Happy Birthday!


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