As I type this, I'm currently sitting under a wool blanket, with a hoodie and some sweatpants having just finished a yummy bowl of oatmeal (brown sugar AND raw honey, thank you) and figuring out how to spend the day INSIDE. It's a brisk *ahem* 16 DEGREES outside. Louie and I went out for his morning walk and nearly froze (well, more me than Louie, since he has a fur coat and all) but met a very chipper bulldog puppy named Hazel. Then promptly skipped (carefully!) back to our toasty apartment.

My sweetie had a really rough work week with lots of late nights so I'm going to let him sleep and am off to do some crafting.

Happy Saturday - stay warm! XO

(And yes, I grew up with temperatures like this on a frequent basis. However, I NEVER enjoyed it. Ugh.)


  1. i hear ya! we had to jack our heat up for the weekend.. highs in the teens here as well.. stay warm!!! XO (ps. i never enjoy it, either. all thirty years ;))

  2. Today's +10F is a "heat wave" since yesterday (on the drive to work) it never got above a -22F!! Lawn mowing looks pretty good right now ;-) Doreen


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