The Ultimate Scrap Box

Phew, it feels good to keep cleaning! I went through my scrap bin (SCCARRYYY) and realized that I won't use basically more than half of what I had! Sooo....I decided to pay it forward (or at least, pay it back to me a bit - heehee!). I've created an Etsy listing in my shop that includes this huge bunch of scraps. I'll ship them in a USPS Large Flat Rate Box ($14.95) to the lucky buyer. This includes a whole slew of awesome designers, all usable pieces of fabric (nothing smaller than 2.5" square) and a number of cuts of hard-to-find prints (Katie Jump Rope, Liberty for Target, etc.). I tried to set what I thought to be a fair price and I'm hoping that someone will snatch this up, as these are all great pieces!!!

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