Well, it's now 8 pm and still no snow. I'm kind of annoyed that work canceled my shift for today seeing as how not a flake has fallen yet. ::hrmph:: Obviously, it's canceled for tomorrow too since the snow is actually going to start in a few hours and continue all day. My poor little bank account. The switch back to part-time is definitely not good. While my main focus is on meaningful full time work, at this point mostly in DC, I still need something now that actually allows me to pay the bills. Hopefully I'll be able to find something quick (and yes, I'm going to just stick to easy things like retail since I think that'll happen the fastest...sigh).

Sorry for all the pouting. In spite of a lovely weekend a few days ago, 2011 is off to a bit of tough start. I'm really focusing on positivity, like I promised. I'm trying to keep things in perspective. This too shall pass, right?

My sweetie is out of town through Friday so Louie and I are holed up here, waiting for the snow. I spent the day alternating between job searching/emailing/applications and sewing. It helps to keep a balance since the two activities are so different. In keeping with the StashPact11 promise, I dove right in and hacked up my Kona Cotton jelly roll. I picked a simple pattern from this book and the quilt top is coming together fast! (Check out the progress in my flickr stream.)

I better take Louie out for his evening walk before it actually starts snowing (wet, smelly paws are no good for snuggling!). We'll probably watch some TV and knit. Well, I'll knit as Louie doesn't have thumbs... ;-P

Stay warm!

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  1. no thumbs.... is he aware of the deficiency or just cruising along oblivious... lol


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