Happy Friday

I woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow today. We got a few inches last night and it's fluffy and lovely. Maybe it's due to the snow, maybe it's the need for creative activities but I'm in a serious picture-taking mood today (sigh...can't WAIT to get a digital SLR camera - long way off but definitely something in my future). Snapped a whole bunch this morning while enjoying my coffee and now I'm off to do some "real" (aka not fun) stuff before getting back to crafting and such.

A few things... Finally finished my Kindle 3 cover. I don't know why it seemed so complicated but I guess I was just having a major brain fart about putting this together. Spatial stuff is so not my thing (I know, you must be laughing, this coming from a knitter/quilter) but I think I'm getting better at it. Anyway, reworked an Etsy pattern and whipped up a cute little case. Have to go to Michael's to get some Velcro to seal it up. Also off to the post off to mail some fun mix CDs (hi, brooke!) and to the library where The Gourmet Cookie Book is waiting for me on the hold shelf.

Stay tuned for some more pictures later today. Happy Friday, everyone!)

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  1. hi!! ;) i've gotta get a move on yours!! i'll try to get them done this weekend so i can mail them next week!!


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