So after taking a fabulous fall on the sidewalk in spite of plenty of salt and while wearing hard-core winter boots with insane traction. Yup, awesome.

Most of the afternoon was spent with a cold pack. Not much crafting. Lots of whimpering (to Louie, who looked at me skeptically, as if to say, "Really? You didn't break anything so why are you whining?").

True. Except my pride.

Sigh, oh well. Ended up letting Louie out onto the patio and then coming back inside to sew hexagons and plan a new embroidery project.

Ah well. ::Takes a bow::


  1. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you mend quickly. I love your Louie, aren't Westies just the best!

  2. Falling ranks the worst of all the hassles winter brings. I love the SF Bay Area-it’s going to 65F again tomorrow.


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