To Do

(for tomorrow...as right now I'm snuggled with Louie under a quilt on the couch with hot chocolate and a book):

1. Put together giveaway fabric stack
2. List remaining fabrics on Etsy
3. Get/fill flat rate USPS medium box for more fabric
4. New projects: mug rugs, spiderweb quilt (not new but haven't worked on in a while), Kindle cover
5. Self indulgence (aka trip to Sephora - with gift card!)
6. Dog park (in the snow???)
7. PO to mail out swaps/purchases
8. Pick restaurant for birthday dinner (Sunday!)


  1. i love your list! mmm...sephora.... such trouble for me ;)

    my weekend to-do list consists of more cleaning/organizing, getting ready to go to the post office on monday, working on a couple of WIPs..

    happy early birthday - what sort of restaurant do you think you'll choose? is it just you and the boyfriend going, or is there a big group of you?!?! so fun!


  2. Happy Happy Birthday, May your meal meet your expectations and the night sky entrance you.


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