To Do

  • Job stuff (always top of the list *sigh*)
  • Vacuum/mop/laundry (remnants from snowy slush on kitchen floor = gross!)
  • Catch up on emails
  • Groceries
  • Mail out swaps and Etsy sales
  • Bake some cookies (another cold day just begs for warm ginger chewies from here)
  • Crafty fun!
Yep, another day of no work. (In all honesty, I wasn't scheduled for work today but let's just pretend it's a snow day because that's always more fun...)

1 comment:

  1. my to do list for the rest of this week/weekend includes but is not limited to ;).... heating pad on my sore back from shoveling (ouch!), checking out couples counseling stuff in our area, checking out a nearby college for courses (on what, i'm not sure..), starting my kitchen swap!, getting stuff ready for the post office on monday, cleaning our kitchen/bathroom, and hopefully some more crafty stuff. really i could just use a good night's sleep!! ;)



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