A fresh start


The fabric you see above is only the beginning of my major cleanout! In an effort to start fresh in 2011 I cleaned out my fabric cabinet and MAN did it need it! I have so much fabric that deserves a better home than I can offer so you're all in luck. I'm destashing over at my Etsy shop BUUUUUTTTTT I'm also willing to swap things but only if you have something really unusual rare. I don't want to just simply accumulate more fabric I won't use! The only things I'm looking for are Denyse Schmidt's "Flea Market Fancy" (I have NONE) and Anna Maria Horner's new velveteens from "Innocent Crush." Also, please keep in mind that I've tried to be reasonable about prices. If you REALLY, REALLY want something but the price isn't work, please shoot me an email and we can try to work something out. I'm reasonable, I promise! :)

So, check out my shop and KEEP CHECKING BACK as I'll be adding TONS - and I mean TONS - of fabric throughout the rest of the week.

Happy shopping!


  1. i need to do this too... a good cleanout. i already have a big pile i hope to swap sometime with someone, whoever can help me with quilting a couple of my projects down the line. i also have a huge stack of solids i may look for a new home for. i'll have to take a peek in your shop later on to see if there is anything i can't pass up! ;)

  2. I really need to clean out and organize my stash soon to see what I have. I probably have a lot more than I think I do? I know for certain though that I have some FMF vines (in pink/orange/brown colorway) that I would be willing to swap. I can check to see how much I have for swapping but definitely at least a FQ.


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