Gearing up...

...for another storm! Supposedly the Northeast is going to get some snow starting tomorrow into Wednesday. My work shift tomorrow has already been canceled. My sweetie has to go out of town so Louie and I may be snowed in without him! Hopefully, this storm won't be as big as the last one (our garbage didn't get picked up for almost 2 weeks - it normally gets picked up every other day!).

I had a fabulous birthday weekend - thank you for all the warm wishes! Nothing extravagant - lots of quality time with loved ones, plenty of crafting, and of course eating. :)

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! I used the Random Number Generator and it picked #7 - congrats to webmailaddress2@yahoo.com! I've already emailed you.
I'll post again tomorrow and give you a status report on my destashing, crafting, and upcoming projects. Be sure to check back in as we hunker down here and watch the flakes fall!

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